Creators of the site

We love nature and animals very much. Of the latter, kittens are our greatest favourites. We are currently living with two cats. Both of them have real personalities, they can create a lot of fun moments from day to day. We believe that those who desire sincere affection, kindness and cheerfulness should definitely keep one or more kittens.

As keeping any other pet at home, so keeping a cat is also a great responsibility since from we adopt a small animal, we are responsible for its life. It is up to you whether it is well catered, in safe and whether it has a good time in the environment that you provide to it.

When the first kitten came to us, we did not know much about cats. Since then, a few years have passed, so we thought we should make a web page describing our experiences and collecting things that could be important for a beginner.

There are also some different opinions about how to keep cats, so we wanted to create a page where after a sign-up you can write a post about a topic, or share pictures and videos about your favourites ... etc.

The work was not tiresome at all, rather we could say it was a great pleasure. We are trusting that everything here will be useful for any beginner and experienced owner as well. We welcome any suggestions or comments that would make the page even more useful.

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Micu cat

She likes to do: long sunbathing near the window, and then quickly looking for a chill place in the flat, banter with Blacky cat  (because of course Micu is the boss after all), chasing small balls, massaging the owner's belly (sometimes with open claws), to chase away Blacky from the place where she lie, because it must be the perfect lying place, and then it of course belongs to the boss, jumping to the top of the dehumidifier (only if the owner doesn't notice it, if they would, she doesn't even look at it).

Blacky cat

She's favorite activities: chasing plastic caps, straws and corn pieces on the floor, lying in the boxes, rolling around in the bathtub, rubbing it's face to the corners of the furnitures, then somersault, sitting on the working washing-machine, and watching what it does, observing the hair-dryer if someone dryes their hair, eating, talking (of course it's on own language), to opening the drawers, anyway she is a very friendly and kind kitten