Well-groomed fur coat

Caring for cats' fur coats is a very important thing. Fortunately, the kittens make a big part of this activity.  However, the owner also has a job that can regularly contribute to making the cat's fur coat unsullied. Such action is to brush, curl, scrub the fur (check for parasite ... etc.). If necessary, you need to bathe the little kitten. You can read more about bathing here. The most fortunate, when we can accustom our cats to these operations in their puppy hood.

Short-haired kittens can keep their coat very clean on their own. Nevertheless, occasionally or even once a week, hair of such cats may be brushed to remove their falling out hairs.In case of long-haired cats, it's important to take some time on this thing every day. Their fur coats require very careful grooming. When this is not done, their long hair tend to clump, which can lead to be felt, and it is almost impossible to grind. In longer term, skin disease can develop under the neglected fur coat.

During brushing, it is advisable to pay attention to other things as well. Let's see if the cats' ears are clean, check if their skin is not damaged
and they have no parasitic. For brushing, we can use hair smoothing gloves made for this purpose, combs or soft brushes with natural bristles. Brushing should be performed in the same direction as fur growth.

If you find a clumped part in the fur coat, try to stretch out the hairs. Then, use a fewer brush and then a thicker brush. Most often, tangles can be formed around the neck, behind the ears or under the armpits. In case, if we cannot brush out the tangles, the best we can do is to cut off them with scissors.

Brushing helps to minimize the formation of hairballs because it removes dead hairs. Hairballs may cause digestive disorders or constipation.  There are some formulations which help prevent these problems (special hair removal paste or tablet, or feed that reduces hairball formation).

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