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To care for our kitty properly and to make them feel comfortable in the apartment, there is a need for some supplies. These are some of the things we can buy in pet shops, but there are things that can be done at home. The following list contains the basic things that are indispensable or advisable to have when keeping a cat.

Feeding bowl: wide variety exist of these. It can be plastic, ceramic, stainless steel with respect to its material. With regard to its design, it can be plain simple, double, bowl with stand and with automatic feeding. It is advisable to get at least two of the feeding bowls, one for the dry food and one for the cooked or preserved meal. If possible, place it in such place where the floor can be easily cleaned. Some kittens like to take a piece of the meal and eat
it next to the bowl.  A good solution is to place a tray under the bowls.

Drinking bowl: it can be made of plastic, ceramic, stainless steel, and it can be simple or water-dispensing. There are some kittens that are disturbed when the end of their moustache touches the bowl, so it is worth giving them larger bowls. It is a good idea to place a drinking bowl for our cats at several points of the apartment, but at least two places.

Toys: It's important to have some toys for our cats that they can play with. In pet shops there is a wide variety of them, for example small mouse, rattling ball, tunnel ... etc. Among these, you can be sure to find something that engages your cat. You can make them toys with your own hands, and there are things in the household that can make your cat a great play. One of our cats is the happiest one, if we give a bigger straw for it that it can chase (but it also loves a simple plastic cap, and it's keen to chase it on the floor). While it is important to have toys, the most important thing is to play with the kitty as much as possible.

Cat toilet: it can be open and closed, simple or flanged, hand-cleaned or automatic. Each has advantages and the disadvantages as well.  For example, the closed one is more aesthetic and the cat cannot get the litter out of it. Its disadvantage, however, is that it is ore smelly (especially in hot weather). In addition, there are cats that are afraid to go in. Hand cleaning one is considerably cheaper than the automatic, but the former must be cleaned at least once a day. What's important is to have such size so that our cat can comfortably turn around in it. If it is possible always have one more than the number of cats we have.

Cat litter: it has very wide selection. It is a good idea to try and test more varieties, and at the end choose one that suits you and your kitty as well. You can read more about cat litter here.

Scratching post: Cats often sharpen their claws. Outside cats usually do this on tree trunks or other wall surfaces. We have to provide something for cats kept in an apartment to sharpen their claws as well. If you do not want it to be done on your furniture, you should at least get one scratching post for them.

Comb, brush, and scissors: the first two are used to care for the cat's fur coat and the latter are used to cut off its claws. These things can also be acquired in pet shops. You can read more about caring for your kitten's fur coat here.

Pet carrier: You may be required to carry your cat at any time, or if you are not lucky to go to a veterinarian. With regard to its design, it is possible to have a soft or round bag made of a softer material or a box-like bag made of plastic.

Cat harness and leash: in case we take our kitty to walk, of course if it would like it too. There are cats that cannot be taught to walk on a leash. This depends to a great extent on the type and personality of the kitten.

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