One of the most important things about bathing of cats is that a healthy and well-groomed kitty should not be bathed. Cats are sleeping most of the day, and they often wash themselves during the […]


Well-groomed fur coat

Caring for cats’ fur coats is a very important thing. Fortunately, the kittens make a big part of this activity.  However, the owner also has a job that can regularly contribute to making the cat’s […]


Needed implements

To care for our kitty properly and to make them feel comfortable in the apartment, there is a need for some supplies. These are some of the things we can buy in pet shops, but […]


Potty training

Cats are instinctively potty-trained animals and their natural desire is to hide the traces after their toileting. We had a received little kitten, who went alone to the cat litter on the first day, and […]


Strange friendships

Cats and dogs are mostly hostile to each other. There are, of course, exceptional situations where they are best friends. And if a kitten feels really good with an owl, it’s really impressive. There is some kitten […]