Howie, the brave cat

The members of the Hicks family in Adelaide, Australia, would have liked to know their cat, Howie in safe before they went on a longer holiday abroad. Before traveling they took the cat to their relatives. They lived from them 1000 miles away in Queensland. After the holiday, when the family returned to pick up Howie, relatives were sadly said that the kitten had unfortunately disappeared. The family members were moody, as Howie was a that cat, who lived in a flat, in a safe environment. It has never met dog, never hunted for a bigger animal, it has just chased the flies at home.

They tried to find the kitty for a month, unfortunately, totally unsuccessful. After returning to Adelaide, they felt that their home without the cat was no longer the same as it had been before. They loved Howie very much, so they could not think that to bring a new cat to the the house.

A year passed slowly. One day afternoon they was found an unfortunate and wounded long-haired cat, who was dirty and hungry, but purred friendly. When their daughter, Kirsten came home from the school saw the cat, stopped, then she started shouting: "Howie! Howie! ". Her mother was shocked. This weak animal could be our Persian cat?

Indeed it was Howie, the favourite cat of the family. It was twelve months for Howie to overcome the thousand miles distance. He found his way home, neither the distance nor the dangers that had occurred did not keep him back. The family members were taken the cat to the vet. Thanks to the proper care Howie fortunately soon felt better.

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