Micu’s story

I do not know exactly, not even today, that the kitten who I met first on an October morning, where did it came from and under what circumstances did it live. When I got home from work, I noticed that a small cat is crouching behind the heating pipe in our staircase. It seemed sick and lost weight and it was just gazing ahead. I like animals, but I did not adore much kittens then. I had a hard day, so all I said to the cat was: hi kitty, why are you here?

I went into my apartment and I completely forgot about the cat. The day continued with the usual activities, like showering, breakfast and then a little sleep. When I got up and walked into the bathroom, I thought my eyes dazzled. The kitten saw in the morning sat beside the wall. At first I thought maybe it came in when I opened the front door. Then I thought I would notice it. I did not know what to do. There was no one at home apart from me, so I was just thinking about what was going on and what was going to happen, and what will we do with such a kitten. In the afternoon my wife has arrived. She told me that she went home for a few minutes during the morning. She saw the kitty in the staircase and she felt really bad for it. She let it into our apartment and gave it water and some food. There was a small amount of sand at home that she poured into an old washbasin and so the improvised cat toilet was ready for use. Soon she had to leave home, so she put the kitten to such a place, where it would not be able to do any harm. She thought she would ask the neighbours in the afternoon to see if someone could help and find out who was the owner of the cat.

The kitten behaved well all day. It chose itself a place and was there all day long. It did not bother anything, it occasionally ate a little, then went back to its place. It also used the crafted cat toilet and cleverly covered the result with sand. It was distrustful to us, which manifested itself in the fact that it was grumbled and blowing when we were close and looked at it. However, it seemed to be just trying to protect itself. We did not know where the little cat came from despite all of asking questions. Finally, we could only think that maybe it was a puppy of a mother kitten and it maybe ran to the house because of something frightening. On that morning, it was a stormy day, it was thundered and lightning, the kitten might scared from it and it fled into the staircase. It was not in a good state, it was thin, looked pretty weak and we found some living being in her fur coat.

We decided that is should stay with us until it gets well. Although I was not very happy to live with the kitty in an apartment, but I felt sorry about this little animal so I accepted it. With my wife, we agreed trying to find an owner for it later. The next day we brought flea killer and we bathed the kitty. We have noticed that there may be something wrong with its stomach as well because it had diarrhoea. In addition, it did not always reach the cat toilet, so we had to clean up a lot of mess. Often it meowed bitterly because its belly might have been in pain. The next day, my wife took the kitten to the vet, who gave drug to its disease.

One day came after another and the kitten became better and better. It ate several times a day, its stomach had no longer any problems, so it began to strengthen. It spent the whole day in the bathroom pet carrier, it only came out to eat and when it needed to go to the cat toilet. So two months had passed, but the kitten was still mistrustful of us. It was still grumbled when we looked at it. I was a bit angry with it. I was thinking that it could feel how well we tried to treat it well and that we did not want to hurt it.

In the meantime, we found an owner who came to see it one day. The new owner liked the kitten, but it was still rumbled and snorted at him. The future owner said that he had little children, he would not like to bring home such a seemingly wild kitten for them. So the cat remained with us. It's been a lapse of half a month and nothing has changed. The kitten was good, it was well behaved, but I did not even look at it because I was bored with its grumbling. Then a weekend afternoon happened something surprising. My wife and I watched a movie in the living room sitting on the couch. Once there was a little noise from the corridor. The next moment, the grumbling kitten appeared before us, and then it jumped up to my wife's lap and started to purr. We just did not want to believe our eyes.

From that day the kitten behaved completely different. We have never heard of it grumbling again. It's been three years since. It has been living with us since then because we loved it very much. It is snuggle us, purring, playing with us. If we go next to it, it will poke our feet with its two paws. Whenever we come home, it will come over and welcome us. I often wonder what might have happened in its small head, which has changed its behaviour so much. Still, it is afraid from everyone apart from us.  If someone comes to us, then Micu runs to his well-proven hiding place. It does not come from there until the newcomer goes away.

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2 years ago

I know Micu, she a very cute cat.