Cats in the apartment

Nowadays, more and more people are holding four-legged animals in their homes. There are differences in opinions about eg. how good for a kitty or a dog if it lived between the four walls. An outside cat has a diverse, adventurous life, but it meets more dangers, while a kitten in an apartment can be live in more secure. In any case, whether it is living in the apartman or in the outdoors, very important, to provide them with conditions that they feel good and comfortable.

The cats kept in apartments have a different relationship towards man, like those cats, who are outside in the yard all day. Indoor cats need that their owners take time and play with them. In our case, one of our cats gives us her toys and puts them down before us, when it feels that the common play time has arrived. In such case she meows differently and she won't stop until we play with her a little.

Cats spend a significant part of the day with sleeping and relaxing. It is important that in our apartment should be a comfortable place that is made for them and where they can retreat at any time. They like cushioned soft places in the high. The cats are happy to pick a place where they feel they are protected from several sides. Perfectly suited for this purpose a lined basket, a pet carrier, or even a paper box. Cats usually find the places where they most prefer to sleep in the apartment. In our case, one of our kittens is sleeping in the same place at one stage of the day, in the morning at the top of the cat furniture, in the afternoon in a room in front of the wardrobe, then in the evening on the bed in the small room and at night in her own place. Almost always in that order, and the next day she starts it from the beginning.

Kittens are really like to look out in the window, so we have to provide them a place to do it. If there is an opportunity for it, install a cat net on the window. There are several types of these, transparent, wire-reinforced, bite-resistant ... etc. The mosquito net is not the most suitable because it can be scratched by the kitten.

Cats love the height, they can balance very well, but unfortunately, they can falling out of the window while looking around. If we let our kitty to go the balcony, we should put up a protective net on there as well.

It is important that the following things should be continuously available for the kittens:

        • fresh drink: always have be fresh water in their water bowl, change at least once a day, check and refill it several times in hot weather,
        • cat toilet: important to clean it often, if the cat thinks that, it's not clean enough, then tend to look for another place in the apartment, onto the owner's big annoyance,
        • toy: with which they can occupy themselves, this can be a small ball which they can chase or a small stuffed animal. In our case, one of our cats usually carries in her mounth a small plush tiger, and the other one plays football with the plastic cap of milky boxes in the room,
        • resting place: a small part of the apartment designed for them, where they can go to relax and sleep.

If you have some kind of indoor plant in the apartment, there is a very big chance that your cat will chew its leaves. That is why important: those plants, which could be poisonous for kittens, to place there where they cannot reach them. Such plants, for example the amber, dieffenbachia, broad violet, lilies, geranium, philodendron, orchids.. etc (the list is incomplete). Be careful and make sure that the given plant is a threat to your cat.

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