Records, interesting cats

Ha valaki jobban megismeri a cicákat, akkor megtapasztalja, hogy a sok hasonlóság ellenére mindegyikük más és más személyiség. Vannak macskák, akiknél egyes tulajdonságok kiemelkedően eltérnek az átlagosnak mondhatótól. A leghangosabban doromboló macska rekordját Merlin cica tartja. Az […]


Micu’s story

I do not know exactly, not even today, that the kitten who I met first on an October morning, where did it came from and under what circumstances did it live. When I got home […]

brave cat

Howie, the brave cat

The members of the Hicks family in Adelaide, Australia, would have liked to know their cat, Howie in safe before they went on a longer holiday abroad. Before traveling they took the cat to their […]

diet supplement

Why do cats eat grass?

Most of the cats outdoors are often to eat grass willingly. Occasionally, they also consume the young shoots of the flowers as well. This behaviour is perfectly normal in the lives of cats, if you […]