Cats need a lot of animal protein and fat, so it is important that the main ingredient (about three-quarters of the food) of their food should be poultry, bony fish or some other meat. Nowadays, it is very common for owners to feed their pets with prepared meals. As it is commonly true for all foods and cat food as well, it is hard to produce rich and high-quality feed for cheap. When designing a proper diet, it is important that, whenever possible, we should always choose high quality pre-cooked foods. Another important aspect is that in the diet of cats, besides the proteins and the fats, minerals, carbohydrates and vitamins should also to be included in an appropriate proportion. When designing a diet, we must take into account the age and lifestyle of our cat.

Most of the kittens eat several times small amounts. The best is if we give them some food a few times a day, according to their appetite. One of the great advantages of dry feed is that it can be left for a long time and it does not deteriorate.
Therefore, it is also a good idea to fill a bowl with dry feed and place it somewhere, where cats can eat it continuously during the day. In addition, they should receive at least twice a day some other bagged food, canned food or homemade cooked food. Regularity is also important, so it is best to feed the cat at the same time every day

Cats can be very picky. If one of the foods does not win their liking, they will not eat. In our case, they smell the meal and then they do scraping movement with their feet and they move on. It is a common phenomenon as well that if they like a particular type of food, which they repeatedly receive, and they will not eat another meal. In such cases, it is worth trying to put their favourite food a little more and more of in their new food each day.

Essential taurine

Taurine is an amino acid that is very important to cats. Their body cannot produce it so they can only take it from their food. If the cat's diet is unbalanced, there may be a loss of taurine, which can cause heart and pancreas problems or may cause blindness. Taurine can be found in small quantities in all meat. It is in larger quantities in lambs, fish meat and poultry's internal organs. If we add pre-cooked food to our kitty, then there must be a taurine in it.  A dietary supplement may also be used to replace taurine in the case where the pet food does not contain it.

It is worth paying attention to the following things:

  • do not to give cow's milk to our kitty, most cats cannot digest milk, so it may cause diarrhoea,
  • do not to give sugar, sugar, spicy foods, chocolate, caffeine-containing drinks, alcohol,
  • grapes or raisins may cause renal failure in cats,
  • raw eggs may be the source of salmonella infection, which is why it should be cooked or baked,
  • onions or garlic - raw, cooked or powdered - may damage the red blood cells of the kitten and may result in life-threatening anaemia,
  • excess fat intake can cause diarrhoea in kittens, and may cause inflammation of the pancreas,
  • pork, venison is not allowed to be given raw as it may be the root cause of various diseases (Aujeszky's disease, venom), due to heat treatment viruses die so the kitten can eat pork without any problems,
  • kitten may get salmonella occasionally from raw chicken, so it is advisable to wash it thoroughly,
  • do not give bony food for the kitten (such as splintered bone chicken), because they may damage the intestines and cause serious problems from the kitten may die,
  • liver is one of the most suitable foods for vitamin A intake, but too much of it can lead to overdose of vitamin A and deformation of the bone structure, so do not give it to the cat more than once a week,
  • dog food can only be eaten a few times by a kitten, but in the long run, it cannot replace cat food because they contain more protein, vitamins and more fatty acids, then dog foods. If we feed a cat with dog food for a long time, it will be underfed with a great chance,
  • always keep the food at room temperature, and warm the food from the refrigerator.


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