How to give tablet for the cat

In every owner's life can be a moment when you need to give some medicine to your cat. This is usually not a simple task, although I have seen such a case where the kitten simply ate the pills from the owner's palm. When administering a drug, you can try several methods.

If the tablet can be given with meals, it can be wrapped in several pieces into the favourite food of your cat, for example into small bits of meat, cat salami or small balls made from liver pate. It is advisable to extend a little bit the usual daily feeding, let just the cat be a little hungry. First, give the cat food which contain nothing else, and then you can add a few pieces of medication to it. The small pieces of broken tablets can also be mixed into the kitten's food. Do not put it in the full amount of food, but only in a small amount because the cat may eat less than expected. The kittens are rather cautious and delicate, first they usually always look and smell the food they get.

They often realize that something is wrong with the food they get, they often get rid of the medication and get away from their food.

A well-suited solution is to mix the thoroughly crushed tablet into a delicate, easy-to-lubricate jam, and then mash into the kitten's lips or on the forelegs. The cats do a lot of washing and love to keep themselves clean. They will not bear if something is unsuitable on their fur coat, so they will lick the stuff from their fur.

If the above methods are not working, or our kitty has no appetite and does not eat then we need to use a bit more violent solution. Sit down next to the kitty, and pet it a little. It is important to be calm because the cat will soon feel the tension and we may pass it over. With one of your hands' thumb and index finger gently press the two edges of the cat's mouth (at the jaw's corner). Tilt a little bit its head backwards, and after the cat have opened its mouth, then throw the pill into the cat's throat with a gentle gesture with your other hand's thumb and index finger.

Open the kitten's mouth again and check if it have swallowed the medicine. If the tablet is still in its mouth and it does not want to swallow it, then sprinkle 1-2 ml of water from a previously prepared plastic syringe into its mouth behind its cannula to help swallow it. In pet shops, you can get a device like a syringe that can make the tablet easier to apply. Fill this with a little water then place the tablet at the end, which can be given relatively safe for the cat. With the tablet, the water also enters the mouth of the cat, which ensures that the kitten swallows the pill. After each successful pill administration, praise the kitty and reward it with a delicious bite.

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