September 28, 2021
  • Nowadays, more and more people are holding four-legged animals in their homes. There are differences in opinions about eg. how good for a kitty or a dog if it lived between the four walls. An outside cat has a diverse, adventurous life, but it meets more dangers, while a kitten in an apartment can be live in more secure. In any case, whether it is living in the apartman or in the outdoors, very important, to provide them with conditions that they [...]
  • Most of the cats outdoors are often to eat grass willingly. Occasionally, they also consume the young shoots of the flowers as well. This behaviour is perfectly normal in the lives of cats, if you see this, you do not have to think of any [...]
  • Cats and dogs are mostly hostile to each other. There are, of course, exceptional situations where they are best friends. And if a kitten feels really good with an owl, it's really impressive. There is some kitten such as Tabby, whose friend [...]
  • I do not know exactly, not even today, that the kitten who I met first on an October morning, where did it came from and under what circumstances did it live. When I got home from work, [...]

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